Webinato Revisited

webinatoBefore I took a longer than expected sabbatical from webinar production, I wrote a blog post about Webinato, the then-new offering by omNovia. I was basically in love with the product but was terribly disappointed that they left webinar recording out of the service. To record, you had to purchase their higher end offering which was outside the Webinato umbrella.

Well, I’m delighted to report that upon my return to webinar production I discovered that Webinato now includes recording of webinars. In fact, Webinato has become omNovia’s flagship product with all the functionality that was in the general omNovia universe. Since my last review, Webinato has incorporated screen sharing which was missing before. Then, of course there is the webinar “auto-pilot” which recreates the feel of the original webinar more realistically than the average recording does and the fantastic e-curtain which uses the theater motif to keep attendees at bay until you are ready to go live.

Forget my prior review of Webinato. They have corrected the issues I once had with the product. I can now wholeheartedly recommend it to those who want an alternative to GoToWebinar at a similar price point.