In my previous post I reported on a disaster that befell WebinarJam due to a change in YouTube video share permission rules. On the heels of that post, it was further announced that Google Hangouts On Air would be retired and rolled into YouTube Live. Hangouts On Air is at the core of WebinarJam broadcasting your webinar.

It looks like WebinarJam producers can breathe a sigh of relief that so long as they followed the instructions to fix the original permissions problem, the transition to YouTube Live will all be handled behind the scenes by the WebinarJam developers. The steps you have to take to ensure WebinarJam keeps working can be found on their blog. If you are a webinar producer I urge you to perform these steps as soon as possible. I’ve followed the steps and I can testify they work.

In an email sent out by co-founder Andy Jenkins. it is suggested that webinar producers avoid any broadcasts on September 12, 2016 – the day Hangouts On Air gets retired. In Jenkins’ own words:

While we don’t anticipate even a minute of service interruption, because Google’s switch on the 12th may include last minute minor code changes that we don’t anticipate, we recommend avoiding webinars on that date. ¬†We’ll be running test webinars all day long on the 12th to be certain that things are working perfectly for our users.

It’s a better safe than sorry strategy and if you’re planning on running a high stakes webinar that day, I think I would take Andy’s advice and reschedule it.

Have you got basic questions about webinars? Perhaps my free FAQ booklet can help?

Matt Bovell

President and CEO of Vell Group LLC

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