Part 2 of The Worst Two Things You Can Do on Your Webinar

In our previous blog post, I told you about one of the worst two things you can do on your webinar. In today’s sequel, I cover the second worst thing you can do on your webinar. The first was NOT SHOWING UP. The second is: Calling it a Webinar When it Isn’t a Webinar As Read more about Part 2 of The Worst Two Things You Can Do on Your Webinar[…]

Adobe Connect — Parts Sold Separately

I’ve always been a fan of Adobe Connect and it is very powerful “right out of the box” but there have always been these things called “extensions” that enhance the power of the product. Trouble was, Adobe didn’t make a big deal out of these extensions. That changed this month with Adobe’s pro-active effort to Read more about Adobe Connect — Parts Sold Separately[…]

Answers To Some of Your Webinar Questions

Last week I hosted a webinar about what webinar attendees should expect and demand from webinars. A good time was had by all and we had a great Q&A session. For those of you who did not attend the webinar (and those who want a refresher), I thought I’d share some of the questions that Read more about Answers To Some of Your Webinar Questions[…]

What Should a Webinar Attendee Expect?

Most webinars about webinars are aimed at the presenter or moderator. This coming Thursday, December 16, I will be offering a webinar aimed at the webinar attendee. For one hour we will be discussing the issues of webinar pricing, webinar technology and webinar ethics. You won’t want to miss it! If you are a webinar Read more about What Should a Webinar Attendee Expect?[…]

Scary Webinar Stories

Right in time for Halloween, I have some very scary webinar stories for you. Eh, what did you say? Halloween was almost a month ago? Oh well, it’s never too late for a good horror story. On my Internet radio show a couple of weeks ago (you’ll find it on the Webinar Show page) I Read more about Scary Webinar Stories[…]