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Adobe Connect 8: Simpler Yet Stronger

Today Adobe announced Adobe Connect 8, a great step forward in their webinar platform. Last Friday, I had the privilege to sit down with Adobe’s Michael Londgren, Director of Product Marketing and Peter Ryce, Senior Technical Evangelist to learn more about the new release. Things get simpler right from the brand name. Adobe has finally…

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Jane Tells Sam About “Webinerrrs”

Text to speech software has existed for some time now. How about text-to-movie? Thanks to the folks at Xtranormal, we can now produce short “movies” just by inputting a script and using some icon-based camera commands. Check out our first effort. We’ll be adding more videos with short chats about webinar related topics. If you’ve…

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ConnectSolutions Rolls Out Podium 2

This morning the California based collaboration company, ConnectSolutions announced the launch of its new webcasting product, Podium 2. I had the privilege of meeting with ConnectSolutions CEO, Michael Fitzpatrick last week and getting a sneak peek at the new release. One thing I like about ConnectSolutions is that they are not trying to be all…

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Busted By My Client

If you look at our home page, you’ll see a link to a presentation to which I contributed some time ago. I included it on the home page for two reasons. First, the presentation gives corporations some tips on implementing web conference technology. Second, it gives everyone a good feel for the Adobe Connect interface…

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Apples to Apples: Adobe Connect vs GoToWebinar

Back in May, I critiqued a video by “Connect Guru” Dave Walker of InteSolv where he compared Adobe Connect to GoToMeeting. I stated that the comparison was unfair because GoToMeeting is not a webinar product. To his credit, Dave directly addressed my concerns with a follow-up video. First, Dave defended his initial comparison on the…

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