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Reviews of webinar related products.

Adobe Connect — Parts Sold Separately

I’ve always been a fan of Adobe Connect and it is very powerful “right out of the box” but there have always been these things called “extensions” that enhance the power of the product. Trouble was, Adobe didn’t make a big deal out of these extensions. That changed this month with Adobe’s pro-active effort to…

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Adobe Connect 8 Test Drive

Back in November, I got a preview demo of the latest edition of Adobe Connect which I shared with all of you. Over the past week I got my hands on my own preview account so I could kick the tires myself. As someone already predisposed to the product, I was not disappointed. The first…

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Hot Off the Press: Salesforce Buys DimDim

TechCrunch reports today that the CRM vendor Salesforce has purchased the webinar product DimDim. Details of the purchase can be found here. There is some conjecture that Salesforce will integrate DimDim into its enterprise communications program called Chatter, a product that from what I can gather runs behind a corporate firewall, facilitating a private chat…

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Getting it On With ON24

Usually, I strictly write about webinars and webinar software but today I’m going to go slightly off the beaten path to discuss a great example of “virtual event” software. Last week I attended “Digital Edge: A Virtual Trade Show for Marketers”, hosted by BtoB Magazine. The event which lasted almost 6 hours was hosted on…

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ConnectSolutions Rolls Out Podium 2

This morning the California based collaboration company, ConnectSolutions announced the launch of its new webcasting product, Podium 2. I had the privilege of meeting with ConnectSolutions CEO, Michael Fitzpatrick last week and getting a sneak peek at the new release. One thing I like about ConnectSolutions is that they are not trying to be all…

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