Hot Off the Press: Salesforce Buys DimDim

TechCrunch reports today that the CRM vendor Salesforce has purchased the webinar product DimDim. Details of the purchase can be found here. There is some conjecture that Salesforce will integrate DimDim into its enterprise communications program called Chatter, a product that from what I can gather runs behind a corporate firewall, facilitating a private chat[…]

ConnectSolutions Rolls Out Podium 2

This morning the California based collaboration company, ConnectSolutions announced the launch of its new webcasting product, Podium 2. I had the privilege of meeting with ConnectSolutions CEO, Michael Fitzpatrick last week and getting a sneak peek at the new release. One thing I like about ConnectSolutions is that they are not trying to be all[…]

Connect Pro Mobile for iPhone Not Ready for Prime Time

My friend and colleague, Ken Molay once wrote an amusing blog article about a person who claimed she could run a webinar while on an airplane. Assuming the claim was on the up-and-up, who would ever want to attend such a webinar, with babies crying in the background and pilots announcing over the PA system,[…]