What We Do

Our Philosophy

At Vell Group, we believe a webinar is a production much like a Hollywood film.

Every film needs a producer and director. So does every webinar and that is why you need Vell Group for the next webinar production starring YOU!

When you hire Vell Group as your Webinar Producer, this is what the partnership looks like:

  • YOU create your presentation
  • We provide the webinar platform
  • WE set up registration for your audience.
  • WE review your presentation — is it “webinar-optimized”?
  • WE implement any in-webinar polls you wish to conduct
  • WE rehearse the webinar with you
  • WE handle audience technical questions during the webinar
  • WE monitor your webinar chat and assist with Q&A session
  • WE introduce you when the webinar begins and we sign off when the webinar ends. YOU are the celebrity, not the webinar geek!