The Definitive Webinar FAQ

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Pure Consulting

  • Webinar strategy
  • Webinar prep
  • Platform instruction

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Full Webinar Production

  • All consulting … plus
  • Day of event webinar moderation

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Webinar Review

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What We Do

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Our Philosophy


At Vell Group, we believe a webinar is a production much like a Hollywood film.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”460″]Every film needs a producer and director. So does every webinar and that is why you need Vell Group for the next webinar production starring YOU!

YOU create your presentation.
We provide the webinar platform.
WE set up registration for your audience.
WE review your presentation — is it “webinar-optimized”?
WE implement any in-webinar polls you wish to conduct.
WE rehearse the webinar with you.
WE handle audience technical questions during the webinar.
WE monitor your webinar chat and assist with Q&A session.
WE introduce you when the webinar begins and we sign off when the webinar ends. YOU are the celebrity, not the webinar geek![/text_block]

  • We will make sure your attendees can register for your webinar using landing pages that scream “REGISTER NOW!”
  • Send us your presentation in advance and we will review it to make sure it is optimized for webinar consumption.
  • You give us the poll questions and answers and we will make sure they are ready to use during your webinar.
  • Live Webinar Moderation: Handle tech questions. – Monitor chat – Launch polls – Moderate Q&A

Matt Bovell, Webinar Producer

I’m a 30 year veteran of the information technology industry with a fierce love of communication enabling technologies. My bachelors degree is from Harvard University and I hold the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Matt Bovell, is a very talented man. When I was running my weekly webinars and technology was failing, I became very frustrated. So we looked around for the best and we hired Vell Group and Matt was reliable, efficient, effective at the job that he does. Every week I had peace of mind knowing that Vell Group was on board and running the technology. It made a very complicated and frustrated operation run very smoothly. I highly recommend Vell Group as a wonderful addition to any organization or business. If you want the behind the scenes of your webinars, tele-class to run smoothly, Matt is your man.

Lolly Daskal, Founder and President
Lolly Daskal, Founder and President
Lead From Within

The Vell Group was absolutely terrific. Their attention to detail, customer support and knowledge of webinar technologies took our event to the next level – and allowed us to focus on our presentation instead of managing the technological aspects of the event.

Greg Richardson, Project Associate
Greg Richardson, Project Associate
Sustainable Conservation

Pure Consulting
Custom pricing
  • Webinar strategy
  • Instruction on how to use a specific platform

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Full blown production
Custom pricing
  • Webinar consulting
  • Registration page review
  • Presentation review
  • Rehearsal
  • Go-live day webinar moderation

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Do you already do your own webinar production or social media but need a great bookkeeper? We do that too!