Your lawyer isn’t the only one you can put on retainer!

Consider making Vell Group a permanent part of your social media staff. You can use Vell Group as often as you like to produce your webinars at a price that beats hiring an in-house producer or using us on a webinar by webinar basis.

Advantages of putting Vell Group on retainer:

  • Priority status – extra accommodation made to get you your preferred webinar date and time.
  • Predictable production spending.

Two flavors of retainer:

  • Consulting retainer – ongoing strategy consultation and instruction.
  • Production retainer – full production services for up to four hours of webinar time per month.

Rules of the road:

  • Two weeks notice of every planned webinar or schedule of webinars.
  • Two month minimum commitment. One month termination notice.


If you’re interested in putting us on retainer, drop us an email or schedule a call to get a price quote.