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Adobe Connect Ends Pay-per-Use

Recently, my colleague, Ken Molay wrote about some disruption over at Citrix that may or may not result in the sell-off of their “GoTo” series of webinar platforms. Apparently there is change afoot at Adobe as well. Effective the middle of October, anyone using Adobe Connect on a pay-per-use basis will lose their account unless…

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Book Review: Learning Adobe Connect 9

The folks at PACKT Publishing (www.packtpub.com) were kind enough to send me an advance copy of their new book Learning Adobe Connect 9 by Milos Radovanovic and Milos Vucetic, two software engineers out of Belgrade, Serbia who have worked on the Adobe product and some of its extensions. This is the key selling point for the…

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Adobe Connect — Parts Sold Separately

I’ve always been a fan of Adobe Connect and it is very powerful “right out of the box” but there have always been these things called “extensions” that enhance the power of the product. Trouble was, Adobe didn’t make a big deal out of these extensions. That changed this month with Adobe’s pro-active effort to…

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Adobe Connect 8 Test Drive

Back in November, I got a preview demo of the latest edition of Adobe Connect which I shared with all of you. Over the past week I got my hands on my own preview account so I could kick the tires myself. As someone already predisposed to the product, I was not disappointed. The first…

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What Should a Webinar Attendee Expect?

Most webinars about webinars are aimed at the presenter or moderator. This coming Thursday, December 16, I will be offering a webinar aimed at the webinar attendee. For one hour we will be discussing the issues of webinar pricing, webinar technology and webinar ethics. You won’t want to miss it! If you are a webinar…

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