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Webinato Revisited

Before I took a longer than expected sabbatical from webinar production, I wrote a blog post about Webinato, the then-new offering by omNovia. I was basically in love with the product but was terribly disappointed that they left webinar recording out of the service. To record, you had to purchase their higher end offering which…

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Webinato … Soooooooo Close

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated the blog but a new product has arrived on the scene that demands a quick shout-out and a bit of a spanking. The product is Webinato and it comes from our friends at omNovia. I reviewed omNovia way back two years ago and it is still a…

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Test Drive of AnyMeeting

In my previous post, I reviewed MeetingBurner. Another popular free webinar solution that I took for a spin earlier this month was AnyMeeting. Realizing the anxiety that free webinar solutions can inspire in potential customers, the folks at AnyMeeting renamed their product from the prior Freebinar.  While the name change might improve the image, there…

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The Frustration that is MeetingBurner

Going against my “you get what you pay for” instincts, I took a peek at a couple of free webinar solutions earlier this month and the one that most intrigued me, and ultimately broke my heart was MeetingBurner. To understand what may lie at the heart of MeetingBurner’s problem one has to understand its evolution.…

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The Audio Only Webinar

Have you ever attended an audio only webinar? Neither had I nor had I ever intended to until today. When I clicked “attend” on my webinar confirmation, GoToWebinar informed me that the webinar was “full”.  I tweeted the webinar sponsors but alas the room limit had been reached and nothing could be done. Since I…

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