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Scary Webinar Stories

Right in time for Halloween, I have some very scary webinar stories for you. Eh, what did you say? Halloween was almost a month ago? Oh well, it’s never too late for a good horror story. On my Internet radio show a couple of weeks ago (you’ll find it on the Webinar Show page) I…

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Webinars: A Mix of Art and Science

Recently on my social media blog, I conjectured whether or not you need a PhD to do social media. My conclusion was no with the caveat that there are some very deep thinkers out there digging under the surface of social media and applying some scientific principles to its usage. The same can be said…

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We’re Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Well, what was supposed to be “a couple of days” turned into a week, but our new web site is now up and running. For those of you who bookmarked our news.php page to access The Webinar Show, you’ll need to change that bookmark to http://www.vellgroup.com/the-webinar-show. Otherwise, things are pretty straight forward around here. We’ve…

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