ON24 Publishes 2017 Webinar Benchmark Report

Recently, the webinar software provider ON24, presented its webinar benchmark findings for 2017 (including comparative data running through 2016). Let’s get one design flaw out of the way immediately. The stats are drawn from webinars hosted by ON24. While the sample is extensive (more than 16,000 webinars), it might be argued that inclusion of webinars Read more about ON24 Publishes 2017 Webinar Benchmark Report[…]

Hot Off the Press: Salesforce Buys DimDim

TechCrunch reports today that the CRM vendor Salesforce has purchased the webinar product DimDim. Details of the purchase can be found here. There is some conjecture that Salesforce will integrate DimDim into its enterprise communications program called Chatter, a product that from what I can gather runs behind a corporate firewall, facilitating a private chat Read more about Hot Off the Press: Salesforce Buys DimDim[…]

Scary Webinar Stories

Right in time for Halloween, I have some very scary webinar stories for you. Eh, what did you say? Halloween was almost a month ago? Oh well, it’s never too late for a good horror story. On my Internet radio show a couple of weeks ago (you’ll find it on the Webinar Show page) I Read more about Scary Webinar Stories[…]

Autopsy of a Deadly Webinar Replay

Today I fired up a replay of a webinar I was unable to attend live. Fortunately for the presenter I needed to complete the webinar to qualify for professional certification units. Otherwise, I might have bailed early. Let’s see why. The pitch got off to a nice enough start with a slide with four graphic Read more about Autopsy of a Deadly Webinar Replay[…]

Webinars: A Mix of Art and Science

Recently on my social media blog, I conjectured whether or not you need a PhD to do social media. My conclusion was no with the caveat that there are some very deep thinkers out there digging under the surface of social media and applying some scientific principles to its usage. The same can be said Read more about Webinars: A Mix of Art and Science[…]