July 21, 2010

What We Offer

At Vell Group, we offer two tiers of webinar support. Contact us to discuss which is best for you.

Pure Consulting

We don’t get into the nitty gritty of any particular webinar but we do:

  • Strategy sessions – we discuss your webinar goals and the best ways to achieve them.
  • Platform instruction – without a producer, you’ll be going it alone so I’ll teach you the ins and outs of your chosen webinar platform.

This option is best for those wishing to save a little money by not having a producer on hand the day of the webinar.

Full Blown Production


Set up registration for your audience.

  • We will make sure your attendees can register for your webinar using landing pages that scream “REGISTER NOW!”

Review your presentation — is it “webinar-optimized”?

  • Send us your presentation in advance and we will review it to make sure it is optimized for webinar consumption. We will make suggestions for changes which you can accept or reject. You are in charge. We just advise.

Implement any in-webinar polls you wish to conduct.

  • One way to really spice up your webinar is to give a poll or two to help you read your audience better and keep them engaged. You give us the poll questions and answers and we will make sure they are ready to use during your webinar.

Rehearse the webinar with you.

  • In the week before your webinar, we will do a live run-through with you to make sure everything works according to your wishes.

Day of event:

Handle audience technical questions during the webinar.

  • Sometimes your audience may experience technical difficulties during the webinar. We will field those issues so you can concentrate on giving your presentation.

Monitor your webinar “chat” and assist with Q&A session.

  • Usually you will have a “chat” room within your webinar but you won’t need to worry about keeping track of the chat while you present. We will do that for you and pull out any comments or questions that you might want to address during question-and-answer (Q&A) time.

Execute all polls.

  • If we constructed any polls during the pre-webinar phase, I’ll run the polling sessions during the live event.

Serve as webinar “straight man”.

  • If you’re a solo presenter but would like the added flavor of back and forth, I’ll serve as your straight man.

We introduce you when the webinar begins and we sign off when the webinar ends. YOU are the celebrity, not the webinar geek!